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너에게로 갈래 by SOPHI(Feat. Hyeyee)

Where to You are by SOPHI(Feat. Hyeyee)



애니메이션(영상화) 작업에 참여했습니다.

음악도 비주얼도 너무 좋아서 즐겁게 작업했습니다.

We worked on the animation of this video.

The Music and the Visual were so good that We had fun working on it.

Title : 너에게로 갈래 (To Where You Are)

Artist : SOPHI (Feat. Hyeyee)

Composed by: SOPHI, 혜이(Hyeyee)

Lyrics by: SOPHI, 혜이(Hyeyee)

Visualized by: 31 / Yeonzip(of Project5G)


Production Project5G(프로젝트오지)

Roll Motion

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